The fact that Dean addressed Cas’s home as not in heaven, but on earth..with him



getting ready for league after a long day

School is fantastic but I am literally just so wiped. I have so much reading to do and I need to focus. I might need coffee lol. It’s just reading that’s super important and I need to take notes on and actually LEARN shit.

lol surprisingly, I’m least worried about biostats right now


Perfusion is gonna kick ass though and omg I love my director, my classmates, our classroom which we set up today. I’m super pleased.


This bit of dialogue makes me angry, because it was written by Robbie Thompson to be said in reverse (Dean saying he wanted to read the books), and J2 decided to switch it when it was filmed.
It just completely cheapens the line and makes it all about making fun of Dean’s perceived levels of intelligence, when the man is canonically a damn genius who reads stuff like Vonnegut and the Odyssey in his spare time…
It’s moments like this that make me wonder sometimes at the wisdom of letting J2 have as much control over scenes as they appear to. They are great actors, but they occasionally get stuck in the mindset of their characters in a way that makes them view the characters in a specific way. Character bleed is a powerful thing. Sometimes it leads to beautiful moments (Dean keeping the trenchcoat), but other times stuff just…
Gets lost along the way.




Misha’s book club for We Are Not Ourselves [book] [event]


Misha’s book club for We Are Not Ourselves [book] [event]

Misha wishing Cas a happy birthday (x)


when you’re so thirsty for new fic of your OTP that you can physically feel your standards dropping